Colouring Books
& Confessions for Daily Motivation.


Photography has been my passion and my hobby ever since I received my first camera at the age of seven.

Despite the fact that I enjoyed a lot of sport at school and was very busy with the church choir, I always had time for photography.

Later when I became a chartered accountant and started my own business, one of several, I still enjoyed relaxing with photography.

When I married, for some strange reason, I dropped my interest in the camera and became more involved with electronics and program development in particular.

It was only after I married a second time, this time to a journalist, that I took up the camera with any seriousness again. I enjoyed going out with her to take pictures while she covered the story.

Later, when we both retired, I found myself very involved with photography again. This time, however, I focussed mostly on pictures of flowers, botanical interest, animals, and nature.

‘In fact, anything that God made was a topic of interest to me, majoring on the unnoticed beauty in the world.’

When I had an accident and fell into a ravine off a mountain, I found I was no longer as robust as before and could no longer take major hikes. Instead, I interested myself in the micro-world of tiny plants and animals.

Having a deep love of the Lord, sat well with my spiritual convictions and the result, as you see it, is here hopefully for all to enjoy.